Press Releases

Viking CKC wins CanMas at Ottawa using SRS designed boats intended for use by intermediate and performance competitors.

Stabilizer unit developed and demonstrated. Quality and production of all SRS boats improved.

Christine Gauthier of Pointe Claire wins National Team Trials at Montreal and goes on to win World Championships in the Paddle ability event at Lake Banook, N.S. paddling in Lase4All developed by SRS. Laser4All is developed in two months after receiving ICF Paddle Ability specs. Arrow4All meets ICF specs also and is modified to two from the three cockpit Arrow. It wins several races in Sherbrooke at CanMas and, Viking wins CanMas overall for the third time since 2003.


  • SRS develops New Laser4All having the same fast hull, but stronger weld between deck and hull and enlarged cockpits for easy entry and exit. One full carbon Laser4All shipped to Australia.
  • New laterally installed and secured footrest is developed and introduced at the Florida Training Camp. Proves successful during the season.
  • New K2 Paddle All called Aquila developed and introduced at CKC Championship at Regina. Wins medals in masters and Paddle All events.
  • Stabilizer mounting and dismounting improved and introduced. It makes performance hulls usable by novice and/or handicapped paddlers. CKQ orders several Stabilizers for Paddle All program in Quebec.
  • Vacuum, fusion boats shown at Florida.

2010/11 Winter Season

  • Inventory of Rauhine multi sport kayaks made in New Zealand is almost sold out. Buyer is requested to check availability
  • .
  • Excellent start of XC ski and snow shoes season.
  • Web site is being modified and upgraded.
  • Excellent candidates have been identified for SRS management continuity, thus relieving Lou for Sales and Development. This position will be filled before the paddling season.

Inventory and Special Products

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