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Molded racing seat with position & height adjustments (up to 2.5 cm).

High Seat specs: Height adjustable as well as forward and backwards: in lowest position sits 11/4" above the platform, at lowest point sits 3/4" higher than the low seat, adjusts in front 3/8" adjusts in back 1" for universal platform. Platforms are available in marine plywood or composite material*.

Plartform Specs:
Length 20", width 8", thickness 1/4" Platform is mounted on 2 support strips 1/2" x 1/2". When the platform is installed it sits 3/4" above the floor of the boat (includes thickness of the platform 1/4" and the height of the support strips 1/2").Components can also be bought separately upon request.

* This accessory is intended to improve your existing system or replace completely your broken or non-existent system. Installation kits include instructions and all components except fiberglass, resin and/or glue.

** Low seat with position adjustment also available upon request. Low Seat specifications: sits 1/2" above the platform and moves front and back 5".



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