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The vertical sides of the boat are slightly flared out at the gunnel reducing hitting the side of the boat with paddles. The gunnel area has also been reinforced for rigidity at light weight. Gunnels are flush with the side wall, minimizing hitting of fingers. Three full bulkheads used normally for flotation below the benches are modified into a T format to improve space for feet and footrests, also improving strength of the boat. Two footrests under each bench are horizontal rather than following the hull and angled at 45 degrees, improving the position of the pushing feet.

Our dragonboat is IDBF approved and features several functional improvements. All hardware is stainless, and all boat components are made of or covered with composite materials to ensure longevity with a minimum of maintenance.

Top Side View

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MATERIAL fiberglass/vinylester resin
LENGTH 41 ft/12.50 m
WIDTH 45.8 in/1.163 m
DEPTH 28 in/0.712 m
OPTIMAL LOAD 3850 lbs/1750 kg
WEIGHT 661 lbs/300 kg

** Stability is expressed in range 1 - 10
1=tippy (ICF Racing 2001) 10=24 inch wide touring boat.

Standard color is white with color decal option:
red, orange, yellow, forest green,
marine blue, royal blue, black.

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