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The LASER is a craft that can navigate in almost any water condition. Former Canadian National Team member Keith Mercer says: I love my Laser, I never have to miss a workout because of the water conditions. Lou Lukanovich, former 2-time Canadian Olympic Canoe/Kayak coach, adapted various design principles to develop the LASER.

This craft cuts across all racing disciplines, a development K-1 for Sprint Racing, a K-1 for Marathon Racing and an elite K-1 for Adventure Racing. The Laser uses the same principles and specifications as the elite sport's kayaks but offers a U-hull shape that is flatter along the bottom allowing the novice to gain balance quickly while developing his technique. Looks and feels like an elite racing boat but provides the stability a novice of any age can quickly master.

The Laser has won 13 medals at the 2005 World Master Games in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and 3 medals at the 2005 edition of the Canadian Masters, held in Montreal, QC, Canada

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HULL DESIGN Soft chine (shallow U shape), low rocker
MATERIAL Fiberglass
LENGTH 17 ft
520 cm
WIDTH 20.25 in
51 cm
DEPTH 11.5 in
29 cm
SEAT Low seat, with position adjustment**
FOOTREST AND STEERING Adjustable footrest with integrated T-bar steering rod**
RUDDER DESIGN MATERIAL Understern SRS composite rudder (overstern kick-up option $300Cdn/$250 US)
CAPACITY 110-220 lbs
50-100 kg
WEIGHT 30 lbs/13.6 kg
28 lbs/12.7 kg
27 lbs/12 kg

** Stability is expressed in range 1 - 10 1=tippy (ICF Racing 2001) 10=24 inch wide touring boat.

* All composite boats are available in the following colors:
white, red, orange, yellow, forest green, marine blue, royal blue, black.

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