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Still available on special order

A kayak for paddlers ranging between 60-100 kg. The width of the boat is reduced to 47 cm from the original 51 cm, when its hull was similar to LANCER type K-1ís, no longer manufactured by SRS. Its volume and stability make it an ideal boat for intermediate and master sprint & marathon racers of all ages.

The Sirius has won 6 medals at the 2005 World Master Games in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and 4 medals at the 2005 edition of the Canadian Masters, held in Montreal, QC, Canada

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HULL DESIGN Deep V shape
MATERIAL Fiberglass
LENGTH 17 ft
520 cm
WIDTH 17.3 in
44 cm
DEPTH 11.5 in
29 cm
SEAT Low seat with position adjustment**
FOOTREST AND STEERING Full foot footrest, adjustable from the front in 1/5'' intervals**
RUDDER DESIGN MATERIAL Understern composite rudder
CAPACITY 130-220 lbs
60-100 kg
WEIGHT 29 lbs/13 kg
26 lbs/11.8 kg
25 lbs/11.3 kg

** Stability is expressed in range 1 - 10 1=tippy (ICF Racing 2001) 10=24 inch wide touring boat.

* All composite boats are available in the following colors:
white, red, orange, yellow, forest green, marine blue, royal blue, black.

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