We, at Simon River Sports, got to thinking about creating a product which could actually retrofit a windsurfboard and turn it into a sit-on-top kayak for touring and playing. Several experiments later, the "KayaKit" frame, with its molded seat and adjustable footrest, was born.

Easy to install, KayaKit simply attaches to the top of your windsurfboard with the rubber Well locks provided. Best yet, the fasteners can be easily unscrewed so you can enjoy kayaking or windsurfing depending on your mood and wind conditions.

Our patented foot-controlled steering mechanism is incorporated into the footrest and is attached to the over-stern, 'kick-up' rudder by cables. These cables allow for quick and accurate adjustments to the rudder, no knots. The craft tracks well, and with the steering option added, you can enjoy faster speeds through the water with no strain on your body. The rudder is also particularly handy in side winds.

The footrest can also be quickly adjusted to accommodate paddlers from approximately 4'3" to 6'6" tall. Not only is the KayaKit great for kids and adults, the footrest is designed to keep the body in proper alignment for flatwater paddling which means: no splayed legs!

KayaKit offers an unparalleled kayaking experience when compared with traditional kayaks, and including the price of a used windsurfboard, KayaKit sit-on-top kayaks cost approximately 50% less.




  • Basic model
  • UV-resistant ABS frame with molded seat and footrest
  • Stainless steel screws & rubber Well locks


  • Basic model with rudder and steering kit
  • UV-resistant ABS frame with molded seat and footrest
  • Stainless steel screws & rubber Well locks
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Basic KayaKit frame:
                                        $165 CDN
KayaKit frame with steering and rudder assembly:
                                        $225 CDN
Steering and rudder assembly kit to upgrade KK1 to KK2:
                                          $75 CDN
HULL DESIGNWindsurfboard
FRAME MATERIALABS thermoformed on windsurfboard
LENGTHMinimum 10 ft 6 in
or 320 cm
WIDTHWidth of board
SEATMolded seat in frame
FOOTREST AND STEERINGAdjustable footrest with integrated T bar steering rod
RUDDER DESIGN MATERIALOverstern, kick-up, hard plastic rudder
CAPACITYBoard dependent, typically 200 lbs or 98 kg
WEIGHTMin 8 lbs or 3.6 kg + weight of board


Note on Windsurfboard requirements

The windsurfboard board you use to mount the KayaKit frame has to be able to support the weight of its user. Normally, KayaKits work fine atop any board measuring 10 ft 6 in or longer. Moreover, KayaKits are stable since windsurfboards tend to be relatively wide and are easy to remount should the paddler fall off.

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