As in all the products we design, we have applied our experience with sprint racing kayaks to our performance class touring kayaks. These incorporate innovative and highly functional designs are available at very accessible prices. SRS touring crafts are ultra-light and fast enough to satisfy advanced and intermediate touring paddlers, yet are stable enough for some beginners.

Hull Design

Our solos, "Nautilus" and tandem, "Arrow" touring kayaks are long in length, have a shallow soft chine and low rocker hull design, enhancing speed, stability and tracking, and allowing the paddler to cover long distances in a straight line more efficiently.

The width of the boats at the cockpit is designed to be slightly narrower than most sea/touring kayaks, allowing for high angle efficient forward stroking, and is particularly well suited for small to mid-sized paddlers. In terms of weight, our kayaks are 20 lbs. lighter than the average sea/touring kayak.


Constructed by hand, with a high fiberglass or carbon to resin ratio and hard surface finish, our solo and tandem kayaks are ultra-light for their class. We use gelcoat finishes, stainless steel or nylon rudder cables and composite rudder blades in our over-stern rudders.

Patented Technology Integrates Hassle Free Adjustments

Inspired by sprint class racing boats, each Simon River Sports performance touring kayak has an integrated patented full foot footrest, a position & height adjustment seat system that allows for quick, no hassle adjustments to accommodate various sizes of paddlers.

Inventory and Special Products

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